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Low Cost, Eco Friendly Warmth

Smart Heating System

iHelios Heating System can reduce your home or business energy consumption from between 30% and 70% (with solar can be near 90%) through the use of smart technology and instant warmth. 

With the iHelios Heating System, four is the Magic Number:

1. iHelios Film: Utilises infrared heat to warm people and objects in the room.

2. iHelios Sensor: Located within each room to detect occupancy.

3. iHelios Thermostat: Located in each room to feedback to intelligent app to send a signal to turn the film on or off.

4. iHelios Living Reinvented App: Controls the heat supplied to ensure minimum energy usage while maintaining perfect comfort for the user.

iHelios Heating – Warm Radiant heat

Unique System

iHelios produces instant heat. Unlike air-source heat pumps and traditional radiators, it doesn’t waste energy by warming the air, but the objects in the room. iHelios heat gives you the same warm feeling as on a cold day when the sun is shining on your skin. 

iHelios offers a ‘whole-house’ solution, with your heating controlled from a single point—the iHelios Living Reinvented App. It is simple to operate and gives as many smart control capabilities as you require, benefitting domestic customers and a wide range of commercial sectors including schools, nursing homes, property developers, builders, social and private landlords, architects and interior designers.

With iHelios the warming period is reduced from 60 minutes* to 3 to 5 minutes – saving energy and money. *typical of gas-fired central heating

iHelios provides even heat and allows every object within a room to become a heat-store and when it reaches the temperature set, each object projects heat back into the room. iHelios, after the initial warm up, only uses energy for a third of the time e.g. 20 mins of each hour.

So this means that temperatures can be lowered up to 30 minutes before you leave your home, maximizing energy savings without compromising comfort.

Instant Infrared Heat

The complete iHelios system consists of four components, and once installed, there are no moving parts. This means that unlike a boiler or air source heat pump, the iHelios system is silent and requires no servicing throughout its lifetime.

No Radiators

Without radiators to restrict your living space, your home is now a blank canvas. This gives you the freedom to arrange your furniture as you wish.

Quick & Easy Installation

The iHelios heating system can be quickly and easily installed by a qualified electrician who has completed the 30 minute iHelios training module.

The iHelios Heating System

The iHelios is our patented wafer-thin heating film

The iHelios heating system can be placed within the ceiling (suspended or exposed), under floors, or in panels.

Four is the Magic Number!

iHelios Film can be installed in four ways:

1. Within ceilings – concealed under plasterboard between your joists.

2. Floor – below (hard) floors.

3. Suspended ceiling tiles.

4. Attached to the ceiling – as a standalone panel.

Suitable for all projects

Whether a domestic or commercial space, a new build or refurbishment/retrofit, the iHelios Heating System is perfect to meet the exact heating requirements of your project.

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