Your Home, Smart(ly) Reinvented

When warmth, control, comfort and safety are key to your dream home, Living Reinvented is the answer. Discover all the benefits of a Living Reinvented Smart Home system.

You can control your life with one app.

iHelios Living Reinvented gives you peace of mind, knowing that you can control everything in your home from anywhere in the world.

Imagine a life where you can control everything in your home, from your front door and security cameras to the temperature, all from your phone, tablet, or even via your voice, and from anywhere in the world. We aim to support our planet and make life that little bit easier, saving you time and money and providing peace of mind with the click of a button.

Good morning sleepy head!

iHelios automatically warms your bedroom and kitchen to a comfortable 21℃, with lights on low to guide you from your bedroom to the kitchen. The kettle’s on, and the tea is almost ready – a great start to your morning!

Off to work!

One button locks your home, and turns off lights and sockets. No more worries about plugged-in hair straighteners when you can control the sockets in your home. The heating turns off, and the security cameras activate to secure your property. Additionally, the doorbell allows remote opening of the door for trusted visitors.

Coming Home

With the smart system, you can ensure that upon your return, the temperature is set to your comfort level, and the lights are on. Relax and enjoy yourself, knowing that your home will be welcoming and comfortable when you return.

Good Night Time

Easy controls prepare your house for bedtime. Lights go down, lamps automatically switch on and temperature lowers for a good night’s rest. Sleep peacefully knowing your home is protected and safe.

What we can do for you

he Living Reinvented App is a central point to creating a fully automated smart home.

Contact us, we can design, customise and set up your Smart Home. Get ready to enjoy the full potential of a Living Reinvented smart home!

Door Access

Easily open, close, and lock all your doors using our app. Kids forgot their key? No problem – let them in with a click of a button. Enjoy secure property access management for staff, tenants, and visitors from the front door to the gym.


Automatically switch off the heating when windows are opened.


Protect your property, tenants, and wallet while maintaining complete peace of mind through the installation of a range of sensors, including leak sensors.


Add devices to the Living Reinvented Hubs Control Panels to manage them from one place and automatically create a secure alarm system.

The future smart eco friendly home

We are confident that the iHelios system ticks all your boxes. We have detailed some of our most frequently asked questions below.

How does iHelios infrared heating work?

iHelios heats people and objects in the room. Imagine the sun warming you Unlike conventional heating which heats the air, which rises, then cools and falls, wasting energy

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How does iHelios system reduce allergens?

Traditional heating systems also circulate dust, which settles on radiators. As the radiators reach a high temperature, the dust dries and becomes ‘burned,’ further breaking it up and increasing the risk of allergens. This becomes more problematic in winter when radiators are on at higher temperatures and for longer durations, putting people at a higher risk due to extended indoor exposure.