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Frequently Asked Questions.

The future smart eco friendly home.

We are very confident that the iHelios system ticks all the boxes. We have detailed some of our most frequently asked questions below.

How does iHelios infrared heating work?

iHelios heats people and objects in the room. Imagine the feel of the sun warming you. Conventional heating which heats the air, then rises to the ceiling, cools and finally reaches you. This wastes energy.

Where is iHelios film installed?

The iHelios film can be installed in both ceiling and hard floors. It is wafer thin and once covered with plaster board / flooring it is invisible.

The cost of installing in the ceiling is slightly lower than the floor due to lower material costs. Either way the performance of the film is not affected. The temperature distribution will be the same.

How does iHelios system reduce allergens?

Traditional heating systems using radiators heats the air, makes it move and rise, dislodging and circulating dust and allergens around the room and into your mouth and nose. IHelios Infrared heating does not work on the air so it is not circulated. This stops pollens moving around the room.

Traditional heating systems also move dust which settles on radiators. As the radiators reach a high temperature the dust dries and ‘burns’. Breaking it up further, making it lighter and easier to dislodge and increases the allergen risk. ​This is more of a problem especially in winter when radiators are on at a higher temperature and for longer. People are more at risk being indoors for longer.

How long does it take to install?

To retro fit a typical existing 3 bed house (100m2) or commercial space it takes around 2/3 days.

A new build takes just a few hours as joists and floors are already exposed.

How many years does the iHelios film guarantee?

We are pleased to offer a 20 year guarantee. Our heating films are made from PET plastic, carbon paste, copper and silver. There are no moving parts so it is maintenance free and unlike air-source heat pumps, it is silent. We frequently subject our product to many examinations and tests, confirming its durability, resistance and performance.

Can I use solar alongside iHelios?

Using iHelios alongside solar is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice. The panels pay for themselves in just 2 years, compared to the nearly 10 years required with traditional heating methods. In the spring and summer, the solar panels generate more energy than the household needs, allowing the excess to be sold back to the grid.

Housing developers can save significantly by installing only one utility, such as electricity, saving thousands of dollars while providing future homeowners with a carbon-zero home.

In addition, solar energy makes it an ideal choice for caravans, craft sheds, garden rooms, farms, kennels, and more.

By choosing solar and iHelios, you become independent from the rising prices of coal, wood, gas, pellets, or electricity.

Who can install iHelios and is it easy?

It is very easy to install by a qualified electrician. We have created a training module which takes just 30 minutes to complete but rest assured it is a similar to size of job as fitting a fused spur. Some aspects of the work can even be completed alongside by a tradesman’s helper. Saving both time and money.

What do you recommend to heat my water?

There are many excellent electric boilers on the market such as Mixergy, combined with solar it is the perfect solution.