Electric infrared wallpaper or not?

Recently iHelios was mentioned in an article and on the news by the BBC in a brilliant feature championing advances in eco and energy-saving heating technology.

How iHelios heats your home

The exposure has been fantastic, and we have had lots of calls and questions. However, there are a few inaccuracies in the feature that are coming up regularly in conversations that we need to address.

What is iHelios

Firstly, we do not manufacture Infrared (IR) wallpaper, but instead, we manufacture IR (Infrared) heating products in two forms: film sheets that can be inserted above ceilings or under floors and IR heating panels that can be placed on solid surfaces. Our products are based on nanocarbon paste technology with an additional Positive Temperature Coefficient layer to prevent overheating. All products used are fully recyclable. We also have a range of devices you can control through the “Living Reinvented” app. This app controls your heating, lights, and plugs. This gives you complete control over all your electricity use throughout your home and, as a result, the ability to drastically reduce your energy consumption, have full control over your electricity bills and help protect the planet. We even have locks for your home and cameras that can be controlled from your app, meaning you can feel safe and protected in your home.


One of the key advantages of our system is that it is fully controlled by our “Living Reinvented” smart home app that gives unlimited possibilities with automation and scene creation to reduce energy consumption.

The Decentralized iHelios system also allows homeowners to control each room separately. Meaning big savings on heating unused rooms.

The iHelios Heating system is safer and reduces allergies due to not relying on convection like a standard heating system which ordinarily will circulate dust around your home. And because you can set rooms individually in the winter to a constant low temperature when not in use, you won’t get mould or damage to your property because you have no condensation issues. On top of this, infrared heating systems typically only take 5 minutes to get up to full heat temperature.

There is no maintenance

Invisible, hidden above ceilings or underfloor, you can only see thermostats.

Living Reinvented App

Living Reinvented App

Comparison to Air Source Heat Pump

The article also compares our products to Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP), including costs. It mentions the cost of removing existing central heating as an additional expense for IR heating, but this only applies if the customer already has central heating. In contrast, the installation of ASHP requires large equipment and often yearly maintenance, which can be difficult to accommodate in small spaces.

Another benefit of our product is its unobtrusive design and ease of installation, as well as its maintenance-free operation. In contrast, ASHP has many moving parts and requires yearly maintenance inspections, adding to the cost.

We have been in the market for more than three years and have done more than 1000 installations.

To learn more about us and our products, please visit our website.

Or contact us directly at hello@ihelios.co.uk


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